2017/04/21: Disinvited to Linfield College: My response

In February of 2017, I was invited to speak at Linfield College (http://www.linfield.edu/), a small liberal arts institution in McMinnville, Oregon, about an hour outside of Portland. I agreed, and the talk was scheduled for Monday, April 24. This caused some controversy, as the typical suspects began to express their concern about safe spaces. On April 18, the talk was summarily canceled, despite the flight and accommodation bookings. I gave the host students permission to use my honorarium to book an alternative venue.

It was Susan Agre-Kippenhan, VP Academic Affairs, who made the decision to disinvite me (http://www.linfield.edu/academic-affairs.html)

The President is Dr. Thomas L. Hellie (http://www.linfield.edu/president.html)

If you decide to contact either of these individuals, please articulate your arguments conservatively and carefully. It’s intelligence and clarity that will win this battle, and nothing else.

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