5 Socialism Myths: Part 2

Many young people love socialism. They don’t like capitalism. They don’t notice what capitalism give them. They protest in Nikes, and tweet about it from their iPhones.

In this video, I continue where I left off in my last video, and debunk more myths about socialism.

The first 2 socialist myths are here: https://youtu.be/RVBPgvY3TbU
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Myth #3: Socialism brings good things if it’s DEMOCRATIC socialism.

“Democratic socialists believe both the government and the economy should be run by the people by way of the ballot box,” says Van Jones approvingly on CNN.

By the ballot box—that’s how Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez took power.

“They can start off democratically elected [but] once they centralize control over the economy, it becomes impossible to democratically unelect them,” explains economist Benjamin Powell. “Now democracy in Venezuela is a sham.”

Socialism ALWAYS ends up authoritarian. We explain why in the video above.

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