A Day of Reckoning – 2 – The Path Forward

(1 camera was used to film for budgetary considerations. The long shots are grainy, but the close ups are great quality. No video from Start to 13:00 due to operator error. As well from 1:14:00 – End)

How can we use reason and science to create a stronger foundation for civil society and human cooperation?

A Day of Reckoning was an all day conference that took place in Sydney, Australia at the ICC on August 12th 2018. This conference featured Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz, Eric Weinstein, Bret Weinstein & Douglas Murray. The event was moderated by Josh Zepps.

The conference included 4 – 90 minute sessions, which included a meditation workshop with Sam Harris.

This conference was presented by Pangburn Philosophy.

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