Ambition? My Parents Are Paying The Bills, But My Girlfriend Doesn’t Care About Money!

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Question: “I’m a 20-year-old who is currently a sophomore in college in the US. I’ve had very good upbringing with very little to no abuse. My father is in the 1% of yearly income and I am extremely well off. Most of my expenses (rent, groceries, college tuition, etc.) are currently being paid for by my parents. I’m grateful that they do this for me and I can see that having them as benefactors enables me to have more free time to obtain new knowledge and skills, as well as save the money I do earn. However, I’ve had the nagging thought that by accepting their help, I’m hindering my own potential growth by living in such a soft and orderly environment. I understand that many parents want to create a better life for their child they never had for themselves. My grandfather worked to give my father more resources to utilize than he ever had growing up. My father works hard to provide me with even more resources to utilize than he ever had growing up. Is the transference of an increasing abundance of resources from one generation to the next really a keystone piece of creating and optimizing a great life for the next of kin, or does this abundance of resources hinder the progress of the next of kin by failing preparing them for the real world?”

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