Australia’s John Anderson & Dr. Jordan B Peterson: In Conversation

I was in Australia in mid-March of 2018, speaking in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. While I was there, I had the privilege of speaking to former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson (Facebook:, who is described accurately on Wikipedia as “handsome, well-educated and well-spoken.”

Mr. Anderson introduced one of my Australian lectures. We also had the opportunity to talk together for a few hours, and to complete this interview. We discussed many things — responsibility, freedom, meaning in life, the polarization of viewpoints in the West, the ideological use of language and identity politics.

It seems to me that the sensible fiscal policies Mr. Anderson pursued during his governmental tenure in Australia constitute a model for good governance in the West.

Mr. Anderson has started a conversation series, where he discusses important philosophical, political and cultural issues. It can be found at and on YouTube at

He can be followed on Twitter @JohnAndersonAO

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