“Back alley” abortions don’t justify legalizing abortion ft. Anna Strasburg | #TruthStraightUp

Pro-abortion progressives claim that making abortion illegal will only lead to more “back alley” abortions and that more abortions will be performed by non-medical professionals. But the possibility of something occurring despite it being illegal isn’t justification for legalizing it. The “back alley” pro-abortion argument is founded on faulty logic. Making abortion illegal will protect both the mother and the child. Making abortion legal will not protect anyone.

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The “back alley” abortion argument is a major argument that I hear when I’m facing pro-choicers. What they say is that if we make abortion illegal, then women will still have abortions, they’ll just be a lot more dangerous because there’ll be done by people who aren’t medical professionals and aren’t in medical buildings. That’s why they call it “back alley.” The reason this argument doesn’t make sense is that just because something is still going to happen if it’s illegal doesn’t mean we should have it in our country. For instance, murder is illegal in the United States of America. Even though it is illegal in the United States, people still commit murder. Same thing goes for abortion and “back alley” abortions. If we make abortion illegal, yes, people will still have abortions. That does not mean we make it legal to prevent “back alley” abortions.