Being Black Isn’t Enough To Be Black Anymore (Pt. 2) | Bryan Callen | COMEDY | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Bryan Callen (Actor, Comedian, Podcaster) about Americans desire for Socialism, the ignoring of black conservatives who don’t think what they’re supposed to and if leaving California is what all Los Angeles residents should consider. Bryan talks about his issues with the ideas of white privilege, white fragility and systemic racism. He also points out that the mainstream media have no problem ignoring any black Republicans that question the accepted narratives of race in America. Bryan feels the ignoring of black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, Larry Elder and Shelby Steele is proof that people are afraid of having their ideas challenged by thoughtful arguments. Bryan also discusses how the Democratic Party’s policy on immigration has the potential to backfire with black voters. Bryan also shares a story about Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney to illustrate the different types of relationships that white and African Americans have with police officers.

This episode was pre-recorded before Dave Rubin went off the grid in August.

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Actor, Comedian, Podcaster
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