Bernie Sanders Cancels Events Following Medical Emergency, This Will End His Candidacy

Bernie Sanders Cancels Events Following Medical Emergency, This Will End His Candidacy. Following chest discomfort Bernie Sanders was treated at a hospital in Las Vegas for an arterial blockage and received two stents to help the flow of blood to his heart.

Following this the Sanders campaign announced they would be canceling all future events until further notice. Strangely however they also canceled a major TV ad buy in Iowa sparking rumors that this may have been a much more serious issue and is being downplayed.

Many have claimed this was an actual heart attack while others say it was just angina. Regardless though as long as Bernie is canceling events and ads it seems to be relatively serious.

Democrats have long been targeted over health issues with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders being called too old. All have had some sign of age related issues. Trump has been criticized for his health as well but most reports simply point to his weight issues and not much more.

It doesn’t matter what happened in the end however, this medical episode with Bernie Sanders may have just ended his political campaign.


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