Big Spending Biden

Joe Biden ran as a “moderate” in the primary, but now he wants more than a trillion in new spending each year. His Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, proposed even MORE spending.

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Here’s what Biden wants to do with your money now.

In January, we added up and compared the Democratic candidates’ spending plans.

Joe Biden did the best! He asked for “just” $532 billion in new spending each year.

But since then, he’s added all sorts of new plans.

He wants to massively increase climate spending, adding $500 billion every year. Biden’s new plan would do things like fund 500,000 charging stations for electric cars and create a “climate conservation corps”.

He also now wants $75 billion per year plan to fund caregivers. That sounds nice, but as Pete Sepp, President of the National Taxpayers Union, tells me:

“Why not leave more money in people’s pockets to begin with so they can afford to provide care for their families? … We as taxpayers know better to take care of our own families and ourselves than some distant government in Washington, D.C.”

That’s just the start of the new spending that Biden wants. The video above has more of it.

Next week, I compare Donald Trump’s track record and plans for spending. Which candidate would add more to the debt?

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