Big Spending Trump

During his campaign, Donald Trump said, “I’ll cut government spending!” Then he got elected.

Once he was in office, spending rose dramatically.
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“I’m going to cut spending. I’m going to cut spending big league,” he said during the 2016 primaries.

Then he increased military spending. “$738 billion, that’s with a ‘B’,” President Trump bragged. “An all-time record in the history of our country… the highest amount we’ve ever spent!”

Why is that good?

“I had to fix the military,” Trump explained, saying that Obama had depleted it.

But “the so-called ‘fix’ in defense spending looks a whole lot like bloated defense spending,” says Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union.

We spend “over $900 billion total… more than our rivals around the world could ever hope to spend.”

Trump signed budgets that gave more money to farmers, NASA, and MOST government departments.

He did make a few spending cuts. The Office of the President, and Departments of State, Education, and Labor had to make do with a little less.

But the rest of then government GREW. Federal spending rose by a trillion a year during Trump’s time in office.

In the video above, I add everything up, and compare Trump and Biden.

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