Blackwater and Erik Prince do mostly GOOD

Media slam “profit-seeking” military contractors, yet evidence shows they’re more efficient and even helped end piracy in Somalia.

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Trump recently agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan, instead of adopting a proposal from military contractor Erik Prince that would have meant fewer troops at a fraction of the cost.

How could it be done so cheaply by private contractors? Erik Prince says private is better because the military — like all government agencies — is bloated and bureaucratic.

While government once used 35 people for a helicopter resupply mission, Prince did the same job using only 8.

The government is also inefficient because it fails to adapt. Prince says government uses: “equipment that was designed to fight against the Soviet Union [against] an enemy with pickup trucks and people living in local villages”.

Contractors, on the other hand, have to compete. You’ve probably heard about their mistakes from the media, but you probably haven’t heard of the successes, like helping to end piracy in Somalia.

The video has the full story on that, and John asks Erik Prince about the attacks on him and profit in general.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Josh Swain.

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