Built not Bought: Comments on New Democrat Messaging

In this video, I’m analyzing a political ad/short, Built not Bought, recently released by Future Majority, a PAC associated with the Democrats, a group hoping to bring some sense back into the US political scene.

The filmmakers, Future Majority, have this to say about their organization and the film:

“After the election in 2016, we created a political organization to work on the important issue of expanding the reach of Democrats and focusing on shared core values. Future Majority, under the leadership of Mark Riddle, continues to work on a vast scale to re-brand and define the party, particularly in red and purple states and districts, in an effort to shore up our base, speak to swing voters, and turn out those voters who we lost in the last election.

“Built Not Bought,” created by Marshall Herskovitz, Gregg Hurwitz, and Callie Khouri, is the cornerstone of a new initiative that answers the question: What do Democrats Stand For?

The four-minute film celebrates the singular importance of working people in the creation of modern America, while calling out the big-donor influences that have eroded our democratic institutions over the past few decades. It is a patriotic, optimistic, solutions-oriented affirmation of core American values — decency, fair-play, the belief in a boundless future — that seem too often forgotten in our partisan era. It is a call to action, to build a future that is just and free, full of hope and opportunity.”

See https://www.futuremajority.org/

Five weeks prior to the release of Built not Bought I posted this YouTube discussion with Gregg Hurwitz (August 8, 2018):


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