Choose freedom, not socialism ft. Michael Reagan | #TruthStraightUp

There’s an odd argument going on in America today—socialism or capitalism?

The Left and their cronies in the media and in academia want socialism to win.

But in America, we will always choose freedom.

If you want socialism, Venezuela’s door is open. However, if you ask the people living under Maduro’s thumb, it’s a safe bet they’d choose America, freedom, and capitalism.

It’s time to uplift America instead of looking down on her!

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There’s an argument going on in America today among the youth: socialism or capitalism?

And whenever you turn on the radio or TV, what do you find from the Left? Talking down about America, talking down about capitalism, and talking up about socialism, as if the media wants socialism to win. But if the socialists won, those in the media would be out of business.

If you want to live in a socialist society, move to one like Venezuela. Ask the people there, “Why are you leaving?” Why are people coming to America and not leaving America to go to Venezuela?

Because we have a free country, a free nation, freedom to make a living, freedom to buy a car, freedom to buy a house. Freedoms they don’t have in a socialist society.

America is free because of our founding fathers putting together a great constitution.

Read it, live it, and uplift America, and don’t look down on her any longer.

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