Christina Hoff Sommers & Sir Roger Scruton: Free speech, philosophy, and art | VIEWPOINT

Do modern campuses actually value ideas and intellectual discourse? Should there be limits on capitalism? Is modern architecture bad? Sir Roger Scruton and Christina Hoff Sommers discuss each of these topics and more.

Sir Roger Scruton’s book “Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands”:

Christina Hoff Sommers is the Factual Feminist and a resident scholar at AEI:

Sir Roger Scruton was knighted in 2016 and is a philosopher and write:

Class and knighthood 1:00
Sir Roger’s definition of conservatism 2:45
Responding to critics on the left 5:15
“All attempts to get rid of everything and start again… end up as genocide” 6:08
Common law versus civil law 7:30
Changes in the culture of art history 8:35
In defense of beauty 12:09
Modern architecture: “A crime against the human soul” 14:09
1960s: The baby boomers grow into immaturity 17:06
“Could we build beautiful cities without bankrupting ourselves?” 18:42
Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left 19:06
The virtue of clarity in writing 20:12
The state of modern campuses 21:44
Freedom of speech on campus 25:30
Outrage culture will undermine friendship 27:19
I don’t hate the people I disagree with, but they hate me 28:34
“Freedom is a very good horse to ride, but to ride somewhere” 30:07
Reluctant capitalist 31:59

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