Classic Stossel: Stossel Confronts the Union Bosses

Most of education in America is a mess. The cost has skyrocketed, but performance is flat.

Why? One big reason is that the government monopoly—Stossel calls it the “BLOB”— makes it nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher.

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Stossel confronts union leaders, like DC union boss Nathan Saunders, who opposes judging teachers by student test results. “I know my kids are learning when I look in their eyes,” says Saunders.

New Jersey union leader Joseph Del Grosso opposes charter schools: “Over my dead body, they’re gonna come here.”

When Saunders and Del Grosso were kids, they attended private schools, but now they oppose vouchers. This is a common phenomenon amongst members of the BLOB: choice for ME, but not for THEE.

A Stossel Classic from 2012

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