CNN Pushes Fake News And SMEARS, Defending Democrats Over Ukraine Collusion Or Is It To Sell Ads?

CNN Pushes Lies And SMEARS, Defending Democrats Over Ukraine Collusion Or Is It To Sell Ads? Brian Stelter of CNN recently accused Republicans of pushing conspiracies over Senator Ron johnson’s citing of a Politico report which confirms that Ukraine was interfering in the 2016 election to Help Hillary and The Democrats and Hurt Trump.

Best case scenario is that CNN Staff are terrible at their jobs and haven’t read Nytimes reporting on this or Politico’s. The worst case scenario, and the one I consider to be more likely, is that CNN knows this news is true but is going to toe the line for Democrats and downplay the severity of the 2016 DNC, Ukraine collusion. That or they just need to keep up with the orange man bad narrative to drive traffic.

The Trump Bump doesn’t write itself you know, might need to skew and mislead people to keep the traffic flowing.

But this isn’t new for CNN, they have gradually pushed silly far left talking points, published overt fake news, and even sparked outrage when they said they would dox a person over a meme.

In the latest bit of absurdity, CNN’s oliver Darcy called Fox News poison.

Probably because they don’t own a mirror.
But let me help help by holding one up for you.


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