Commentaries on JB Peterson: Rebel Wisdom

Rebel Wisdom ( has compiled a set of clips regarding my work from many of their interviewees, including Iain McGilchrist, Bret Weinstein, Jordan Greenhall, Akira the Don, Jamie Wheal, Tim Lott, Matthew Segall and Jesse Estrin, Doshin Nelson Roshi, Warren Farrell and Gabor Mate.

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From their website: “In these times of change, we can no longer trust the traditional media to make sense of the world. The old gatekeepers are losing their power. A new counter culture is filling the void, driven by a great intellectual awakening. Facilitated by new technology, it’s made a new kind of conversation possible; more in-depth, more open and more democratic. Fuelled by social media, many have become trapped in reaction and ideology, yet big questions can only be explored with open-minded, self-reflective, grounded conversations.”

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