Coronavirus Overreach

Governments pass ever more restrictive rules in the name of saving us. How many of these rules are helpful?
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In Encinitas, California, police gave $1000 tickets to people inside cars– watching the sunset. Surfers were arrested, despite being far from anyone.

Such excessive restrictions may even do harm, by preventing people from getting exercise.
Michigan’s governor condescended to allow big stores to stay open, but told them they must not sell “carpet, flooring, furniture, garden centers, plant nurseries, or paint.”

The stores had to rope off those aisles.

These rules are arbitrary, and excessive.

Sweden took the opposite approach, reasoning that isolating people blocks the creation of “herd immunity,” the long term solution to new contagious diseases like Covid-19.

In Europe, many countries are relaxing rules and starting to reopen. The above video discusses how and why.

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