Cuomo: We Must Delay The Vaccine, Don’t Trust Science…Wait, What? | DIRECT MESSAGE | RUBIN REPORT

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses Andrew Cuomo’s reversal on “trust the science”, the frightening tweets of Robert Reich and David Frum, the new Black Lives Matter PS4 theme. First Dave discusses New York Governor Cuomo who just announced that he will be skeptical of a coronavirus vaccine that gets CDC and FDA approval. Despite him constantly telling us to trust science he has instead decided to politicize the very science he has so much faith in. Maybe this is why people don’t trust science. Meanwhile there is some unity between the woke progressives and right wing never Trumpers. Both Robert Reich and David Frum seem to be in agreement that after Donald Trump’s presidency we should focus on finding anyone to blame for it. Finally because there can be no politics-free-zones Playstation 4 users will now be able to fight racism while playing with a free BLM theme.


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