Deceitful Bias in The NY Times

The New York Times drives John Stossel crazy. He wants to rip it up, because so many stories have left-wing bias.

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Stossel still reads it for the good parts. The Times does spend money to send reporters all over the world. Another reason is his neighbors read it and he wants to understand what they believe.

Here is some of the bias Stossel found in the paper last week:

The Times news section claims Trump’s tweets on Islam succeeded in “Uniting Britain in Outrage.” If you read the story, you see the outrage is just from the opposition Labour Party, “several” members of the Conservative Party, and comedian John Cleese. That’s the whole country uniting in outrage?!

Another supposedly objective news headline says that ending Obama’s net neutrality bureaucracy will hasten the Internet’s death. Stossel says that’s ridiculous. All repeal would do is restore the freedom that allowed the Internet to blossom in the first place.

The Times ran a full-page story glorifying Antifa thugs. The Times makes them sound fashionable and fun: “Black is Always in Fashion.” It goes on to say “you know the look. Black work or military boots… ski masks… jackets, North Face brand…” Stossel argues the Times would do better reporting by exposing these violent people instead of praising their fashion.

He still reads the Times because what’s in the “paper of record” is important, and fact-checked. Unfortunately, much of it is mean-spirited and absurdly biased.

Produced by Maxim Lott. Edited by Joshua Swain.

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