Democrats Are Rigging The Primaries Again And The Backlash Will Drive Voters To Trump Just Like 2016

Democrats Are Rigging The Primaries Again And The Backlash Will Drive Voters To Trump Just Like 2016. How is it that Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden is the front runner for the Democrats?

Perhaps its just name recognition and most Americans don;t actually care. Biden is familiar so he likely gets support by default. But when looking at engagement and donations it seems that Bernie is the actual frontrunner. He has raised nearly double what Biden has.

But more importantly we can see how the democratic establishment keeps out people it does not like, notably Bernie in 2016 and now Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. The Republican establishment did not want Donald Trump but fortunately for conservatives they didn’t rig their primaries so Trump won.

A recent Suffolk poll has Tulsi at 6% nationwide. This makes sense because of the recent publicity she has had over the Hillary Clinton and the Russia accusations. But even though Suffolk is an approved pollster they refuse to recognize the results because it was published with the Boston Globe.

In this Way the DNC has made it extremely easy for them to control who the people see and hear. How can we function in this way when establishment interests push out the voices of real Americans?

I have no delusions of Tulsi and Yang winning the nomination but hey anything is possible. In reality I just expected a fair shot to state your case and have your ideas heard. But everyday it seems like the crony democrat establishment is more interested in keeping the machine churning even if that means Sleepy Joe, Creepy Joe, as their choice.


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