Democrats Just Obstructed The Emergency Relief AGAIN?! Pelosi Flounders While Trump Approval Jumps

Democrats Just Obstructed The Emergency Relief AGAIN??! Pelosi Says She Hasn’t Decided on it Yet. After holding up the emergency relief bill twice Democrats and Republicans in the Senate finally agreed on a bill that both sides were happy with.

The deal gives 4 months of guaranteed wages to furloughed workers and gives most Americans a check for $1,200.

Everything seemed to be going well until Nancy Pelosi stepped in.
Instead of voting on the bill she held a “pro forma” session in the House. They were in for about one minute before leaving.

Pelosi says she isn’t sure how she will handle the bill but one thing is for certain, Republicans negotiated with Democrats once again and they agreed so why are the Democrats in the House now holding things up?

America is hurting, our economy is tanking, businesses are closing and now Pelosi wants to “review” the bill that the Democrats themselves have negotiated?? Maybe this is a stall tactic meant to hurt America more?

Maybe Democrats think they can hurt Trump’s reelection chances in november by damaging the economy. I don’t know

All I know is that if both sides, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, agreed there should be no reason that the Democrats are trying to obstruct yet again.


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