Democrats PANIC As Democrat Voters Vow To Vote Trump, The “Never Bernie” Movement Taking Over

Democrats PANIC As Democrat Voters Vow To Vote Trump, The “Never Bernie” Movement Taking Over. Establishment Democrats and big ticket Donors are panicking as the “Never Bernie” movement starts to become a thing.

The strange conundrum facing Democrats is that no matter which primary candidate loses a decent portion of their base will defect to the Republicans and Donald Trump.

Yang voters might vote Trump or just sit it out if he loses the primary. Bernie voters are already warning that only Bernie can defeat Trump while the “Never Bernie” Democrats state they will either not vote or support Trump if Bernie DOES get the nomination.

Its possibly the weirdest thing to me that someone who supports Biden would choose Trump over Bernie and someone who support Bernie would choose Trump over Biden.

It seems that no matter who wins the nomination Trump is going to grab a large portion of angry Democrats or they might just not vote at all.

Far Left Democrats will reject the establishment and establishment Democrats will reject the far left. There is no solution for the dems.


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