Democrats To Activate Rare Impeachment Powers Against Trump, Most Americans Say NO To Impeachment

Democrats To Activate Rare Impeachment Powers Against Trump, Most Americans Say NO To Impeachment. After years of Russiagate nonsense you’d think we could move on. But perhaps this has nothing to do with actually finding wrongdoing and more to do with being the losers in 2016.

Democrats are moving forward with a vote on impeaching Trump and calling for rare authorities that will aid their ongoing investigations against him even though most Americans say no to impeachment. Perhaps they know something we don’t

Many are speculating that with Trump’s take over of the republican party his new base didn’t bother voting in the 2018 midterms. There is speculation based on polls that in 2020 when Trump’s base votes they will check R across the board giving the Republicans control of all three branches once again.

If this is true then impeachment makes sense. Democrats have been chasing far left policy that is unpopular with Americans, it is likely they won’t beat Trump in 2020. This could mean that Democrats know they are about to lose the house and must act quickly even if it damages them in the eyes of the public.

The democratic party has been fractured, from far left new comers like Ocasio Cortez, infighting with establishment party members, and an overall weak 2020 line up, things do not look good for Democrats moving forward.

Trump has dramatically changed the GOP, but maybe the same thing is happening to the Democrats albeit a little bit slower.

It is possible that Democrats ignite a new voter base and pull ahead reclaiming government moving into 2020. Even AOC herself is demanding Trump’s impeachment.


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