DOJ Explored Charging Democrats For Allowing Antifa And BLM Leftist Riots, Trump Has ENDED The Riots

DOJ Explored Charging Democrats Over Civil Unrest In Portland And Seattle, Trump Has ENDED The Riots. According to several reports the DOJ was looking into charging Antifa and BLM Leftists with sedition as well as pursuing charges against Democrats who may have contributed.

Where the case is now we don’t know but charges may still happen. It seems extremely unlikely however that this will ever be more than a news story about plans that never came to fruition.

But many people have demanded that Trump, Bill Barr, and The DOJ do more to end the riots. Perhaps this was part of their plans to do as much as possible. Another move they made that perhaps ended the riots was deputizing Oregon State Police so that the Feds could prosecute the BLM organizers who were leading the riots.

It seems to have worked


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