Doomsayers Keep Getting It Wrong

Experts and models constantly over-predict disaster!

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“Experts” at Imperial College London told us: shut things down for COVID-19, or more than 2 million Americans will die!

They also said, even if the whole population socially-distanced, more than 1 million will die by August.

The “experts” model was way off. So far, almost 140,000 Americans have died.

Yet that same flawed model convinced the United Kingdom to implement a costly lock down. President Donald Trump cited it, too.

Too often, such rhetoric is used to shut down dissent.

“There is no such thing as ‘THE science’,” science journalist Matt Ridley tells me. “There is science. And science consists of people disagreeing with each other.”

In the case of that failed COVID-19 model, we all should have been wary. The same researchers had an awful track record, having predicted 136,000 deaths from mad cow disease, 65,000 from swine flu, and 200 million from bird flu. The actual number of deaths, for each of those diseases, was in the hundreds!

Models constantly over-predict disaster — whether COVID-19, climate change, or resource depletion. The video above explains.

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