Freedom is not an abstraction ft. Christina Hoff Sommers | #TruthStraightUp

Freedom doesn’t exist only in concept. Freedom affects everyone’s ability to flourish, and it must be protected at all costs. Safe spaces, micro-aggression monitoring, and cancel culture are all very real threats to freedom today, but it’s time for millennials to stand up against them. It’s time for millennials to rally to defend their liberties.

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Freedom is not an abstraction. It’s real, it affects our happiness and our ability to flourish, and it can’t be taken for granted. Each generation faces new temptations to trade personal freedom for benefits, benefits that are abstractions and that usually turn out to be passing fantasies. The safe-space, microaggression-monitoring, call-out culture on campus and social media may not be the worst threat to freedom in American history, but the threat is real and it appears to be intensifying. Today’s millennials are going to have to decide, is yours going to be a generation that stands by helplessly or even applauds as your basic freedoms are stripped away? My best guess is that millennials, like generations before them, will eventually rally and defend their liberties. I see signs of resistance already.