Gang Stalking Terror: “I am being followed!”

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Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, talks to a man who believes he is being followed by State agents. This targeted harassment has, he says, been going on for years.

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Question: “I and my ex-wife have been in a child custody battle over our only child, born in May 2011, since September 2014. My ex-wife has been a member, since 2008, of an organization which runs a women’s shelter in Los Angeles area. I am subject to Covert Harassment since August 2015, which I have concluded, is state-sponsored and state-funded, and is carried out by highly professional and organised security agencies who work closely with local, regional and national law enforcement and intelligence agencies. This Covert Harassment is 24×7, uses, among other harassment tactics, highly classified directed energy devices (, that target the central nervous system and cause neurophysiological disorders, without leaving any visible signs of physical injury. It has totally upended my life, is slowly but surely destructing my body, and does not allow me to live or go to work anywhere. I have never been accused of or charged with anything whatsoever. Quite obviously, the state resources are being manipulated here for private interests. How can I get the State to stop subjecting me 24×7 to this constant horrifying and humiliating terror?”

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