God is the Universe!

0:00 – Are there any subjects that you’ve changed your views on?
1:01 – Should you try to deconvert a religious person on their deathbed?
2:31 – Would you attend a funeral in a church as an atheist?
5:05 – Why isn’t murder morally neutral?
7:06 – Why is stealing morally wrong, but eating is morally neutral?
8:09 – Is public exhibitionism act of violence?
10:18 – Where is the violence of the current monetary system?
13:42 – Can you explain Corporations as fictional constructs?
15:49 – Is there a non-coercive way to fund prisons?
27:00 – What is the natural and the supernatural?
27:14 – What is real for you?
28:03 – Why can’t the universe be god?
31:11 – Why does having a god mean enslavement?
33:48 – Could supernatural be the nutrition of the natural?
34:12 – How does population growth affect economic inequality?
38:03 – Is physical force in your defense ever justified?
40:00 – How is state (self) defense immoral while self-defense is moral?

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