Healthcare needs more competition, not less ft. Andy Puzder | #TruthStraightUp

To what extent should the government be involved in America’s healthcare system? Some say that the private sector should play a significant role, and others say that the government should be in charge of all aspects. Regardless, the cost of healthcare needs to decline and the quality of healthcare needs to improve. In the history of the world, the only thing that’s elicited those results is competition. America’s healthcare system needs more competition, not less.

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A major debate in our country today is the extent to which the government should be involved in our healthcare decisions. There are some people who want the government to control the healthcare sector. On the other side of the debate are people who believe the private sector should continue to play a significant role. Medicare for All would remove private sector involvement, putting the government in charge of all aspects of our healthcare decisions. While we may not be able to agree on the extent to which the government should be involved in these decisions, I think we can all agree that we’d like to see the cost of healthcare decline and the quality of healthcare improve. There’s only been one thing in the history of the world that has increased quality and decreased price, and that’s competition. What the American people need is a healthcare system with more competition, not less.