“HELP STEF! MY WIFE IS A BORDERLINE!” Freedomain Couple Call In

Hi Stef: At the moment my entire life resonates with Tom York’s Black Swan, especially the bit.

And this is f***** up, f***** up
This your blind spot, blind spot
It should be obvious, but it’s not.

I am married to a woman who suffers from Borderline personality disorder. We have been married for less than a year, but we’re together for over five years. I proposed to her even though we knew about the condition for three years now. I thought I truly loved her, but I always had doubts which were skewed by said therapist who claimed the BPD tapers over time and when exposed to ‘true love’. At the time I was also consuming a lot of Jordan Peterson content and I was reinforced in the notion that anything worthwhile must be hard. Now, I am more in line with Paul Elam, who also has an excellent assessment of Jordan Peterson in my opinion. So I am coming to terms that you cannot plow trough life by mere will power. I am tired finally. I also finally understand that I am the codependent in the relationship which my therapist never addressed. And I realize this is probably not love but codependency which is grinding me into nonexistence.

We are separated at the moment. All the literature is highly pessimistic unless the BPD person commits to therapy, DBT to be precise, which is the only one that works. She tried but failed multiple times.

I think that the plan of having children made my unconscious finally explode outward. All intuition that I used to have was scrambled in her presence, until now.

We will probably go for annulment, or divorce alternatively. I am in my early thirties now and she is in late twenties.

We would both participate in the call.

Best regards!

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneux/help-stef-my-wife-is-a-borderline-freedomain-couple-call-in

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