How Can You Stop Animal Abuse?

0:20 – How would a free society prevent slavery?

2:48 – How would a free society prevent itself from falling back into tyranny?

5:52 – How would a free society prevent a major property developer from ruining my view of the ocean?

6:39 – How would a free society prevent something like pre-Unification Germany from occurring? i.e a series of privately own pieces of land preventing trade and prosperity, by charging tariffs (it is not just a statist practice)?

9:00 – What are your thoughts about the use of swear/cuss words around children?

10:07 – The Huy Fong plant that creates the amazing Sriracha sauce in Los Angeles has come under scrutiny of late for odd and potentially harmful/hazardous odors affecting the surrounding neighborhoods. I need to find a clean, clear, and crisp way of outlining to those I may debate with how this issue is resolved in a Libertarian society.

13:44 – If a philosopher offers a theory with a claim that “do X and you will achieve your best chance at Y” and if you implement such a theory and don’t move towards Y, or move towards the opposite of Y, does this invalidate the theory? Are you able to rightfully call theory wrong despite the reason and evidence behind it?

17:30 – I am having some trouble understanding two separate things you had said when placed together. You said you do not affiliate with statists, especially not beyond a certain point of discussion. But you had also said at another time that one should do everything to maintain a positive relationship with one’s own parents if you decide to have kids of your own. Suppose own’s own parents happen to be unrepentant statists? Suppose one wished to move to a different country? What takes priority?

21:36 – I’m concerned about the upcoming financial collapse and am still very financially dependent on my parents. I was wondering if you could offer any advice to the youth who are in a similar situation as I am who feel that they are incapable to even start on the basic preparations.

24:27 – What could be done under an anarchistic system if some psycho is torturing animals?

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