How the Left ruined manliness ft. Michael Knowles | #TruthStraightUp

Virtue comes from “vir,” which means “man.” The Left’s attacks on manliness are attacks on virtue itself.

Masculinity has two parts—gentlemanliness and brutishness.

First, the Left attacked gentlemanliness, insisting that women should be offended when men pay checks, hold doors, and pull out chairs.

Unsurprisingly, all that remained when men complied was brutishness.

Also unsurprisingly, the Left hates to lie in the bed that they made, and they now decry the “toxic masculinity” of the modern man.

So what’s a man to do? It’s time to reclaim virtue and manliness!

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The Left has been very clever about attacking masculinity.

I’m not the most masculine, exactly. I’m not an Adonis of a person, precisely. But they’ve attacked manliness itself. They’ve attacked the virtues. We live in a culture that’s after virtue. Virtue comes from “vir,” it means “man.”

They harp on “toxic masculinity,” but manliness has two sides. It has a brutishness and it has gentlemanliness.

What the Left first did is they said, “Stop being a gentleman. Don’t hold the door, don’t pay for the check, don’t pull a chair out for a woman. Never do any of that.” Okay, so men stop doing that.

All that’s left is the brutishness. Now they talk about “toxic masculinity.” They say, “Don’t be a toxic, masculine person.” All that’s left is toxic masculinity. Now they’re attacking that too.

It’s an attack on the virtues, it’s an attack on manliness, and men in America need to recover it.

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