How We Are Broken

0:04 – I have the following question. To what extent can one judge individuals as “bad people” if we acknowledge that people’s behavior and attitudes are largely (if not totally) determined by their upbringing and the conditions that they are exposed to during their formative years. Can one even go as far as to say that blame is something that one can’t assign to individuals, but instead only to the unfortunate circumstances that these individuals experienced?

3:56 – Have you told Isabella about your lymphoma diagnosis?

5:01 – Why do you field all of the calls about abuse, neglect, etc? It seems really painful to me, and I have personally had a difficult time even trying to skirt around the edges in my own mind, let alone bring these things up with people around me.

9:52 – If the Statists were coming to Collectivize your home and property tomorrow, what would you do? (I’m sure you know this was the experience of the Soviet-occupied citizenry, who were then allowed to rent their own property back from the state in many cases.) And, is there any occasion you would be willing to take up arms? What about violence in defense of self and family?

10:44 – I believe you’ve referenced peaceful parenting many times, as a “way forward” to a stateless society. I know a couple that does NOT spank or raise their voices at their children, yet I KNOW they’ll inculcate a strong belief in statism in their children. How does this mesh with your assertion that a society which doesn’t initiate aggression against children will lead to a stateless society?

14:48 – What differentiates anarcho-capitalism form that which the Tea Party and Republicans/Conservatives are peddling?

17:18 – I completely understand your aversion to any taxes, but what would you say to a “community contract” where a group of private citizens sign a general contract where they would pay a “contribution” toward any specific goal?

17:50 – Certain personalities who claim to stand for libertarian ideals are themselves playing a sort of disinformation shell game. To be more specific I am referring to personalities like Alex Jones and Glen Beck, who promote and espouse very rational libertarian ideals and philosophy alongside some very daft fringe conspiracy theories and in doing so rob them of their legitimacy. Could these people actually be doing this intentionally as a way to marginalize and discredit the very real threat libertarian ideals pose to vested interests?

20:36 – Given the natural variation between people- wont an anarchic free market favour those who are bestowed with natural talents? And if this situation were to persist doesn’t there grow a collective pressure within the majority out-group to address this imbalance using their willpower? Doesn’t intervention inevitably escalate to the creation of a state and then on to the downfall of that state?

23:10 – I was recently listening to your video “Help I’m a Recovering Political Activist!”, and an early point you brought up to the caller was the history of failure attached to the Libertarian Party (LP) in particular and political activism (PA) in general in regards to shrinking the size/scope of the state. It got me to thinking of one of the main critiques of statists in regards to the theory of a stateless society: the lack of success of stateless societies in the past and present, and of promoters of anarchy since Lysander Spooner. You always reject these arguments on the grounds of “what existed in the past is no indicator of future trends”. However, I’ve heard you, many times, refer to the 40+ year failure of the LP in achieving its goals, as well as the 200+ year failure of PA (starting w/the American constitution), in limiting the size/scope of govt. Well, my question is: why can YOU reference the HISTORY of the LP/PA as evidence as for its uselessness, but opponents of anarchy CAN’T reference ITS history as the same?

Freedomain Radio Listener Questions: May 30th, 2013

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