Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 2

There are two videos from Iceland, covering different material. This is the second. The first is at rel=”nofollow”>

I have been touring since January, discussing my books, 12 Rules for Life and, to a lesser extent, Maps of Meaning (see for details, including upcoming tour dates and cities.

I was in Iceland in June and gave two lectures (June 04, Lecture 1; June 05, Lecture 2), followed by a Q and A. I was hosted by Gunnlaugur Jonsson, who also introduced both talks.

I’ve been using the lectures as an opportunity to extend, develop and publicly test the ideas I presented in 12 Rules and Maps of Meaning.

My wife Tammy and I had a remarkable and memorable trip to Iceland. My mother and aunt also came for the adventure, and were treated with exceptional care by Gunnlaugur and his crew. We are looking forward to returning to Iceland in 2019,

Thank you very much to Halld?r Fannar Kristj?nsson (Sigurgeirsson) for the video recording and editing.

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