Identity politics is racist ft. Jason Mattera | #TruthStraightUp

Identity politics is rooted in the belief that truth is subjective. Liberals reduce a person’s identity down to race, gender, or sexual orientation and favor group status over character. While constantly accusing people and institutions of systemic discrimination and oppression, liberals actually promote racial preferences on college campuses, in government, and in business. Identity politics is repugnant, evil, and immoral.

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Transcript: Identity politics is rooted in the belief that truth is subjective, that there’s no capital-T truth, there’s no meta narrative, and no big story. It’s all tied to one’s personal story. Truth is viewed through the prism of your identity group, race, gender, sexual orientation, so on, and so forth. Your values and character as an individual are minimized in favor of your group status. It’s a repugnant premise, and the irony is while liberals are constantly talking about systemic discrimination and oppression, they’re the ones who are actually promoting it. They’re the ones who favor racial preferences on college campuses and in government and in business. They’re the ones who are trying to prejudge a person and even penalize a person on the basis of how they look. It’s evil and immoral.