Impeaching Obama, NASA’s Aliens, Apocalypse Scenarios | The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin, Cathy Ladman and Bryn Mooser discuss Palin’s call to impeach Obama, NASA’s lead on aliens, apocalypse scenarios and much more.

Topics include:

Part 1: Sarah Palin Wants to Impeach Obama

Part 2: Do the Obamas Hate the Clintons?

Part 3: Breaking News: America No Longer “Number 1”

Part 4: Another Way Big Corporations Are Screwing Us All

Part 5: Aliens in our Solar System? NASA May Have Evidence

Part 6: 7 Apocalypse Scenarios That Could Actually Happen

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Dave Rubin

Cathy Ladman

Bryn Mooser

The Rubin Report is a comedy and current events panel show on The Young Turks Network hosted by Dave Rubin. Comedians, celebrities and media personalities join Dave each week to discuss hot topics in the worlds of news, politics, pop culture and more.