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Question: “My question is about motivation, attachment and goals. Specifically, how it is that we can best actualize movement towards our life goal in the face of being held back by inner alter ego’s, set about undermining our development in this regard. My pursuit of philosophy has opened up a deep sinkhole of existential angst below me. Gone are the days when I was sure of what would provide my life with meaning, that being theoretical physics. Such work would almost guarantee my dependence upon the state. As such I can’t justify this path any longer, knowing what I know now. Thanks to you I sincerely believe that my life will be best spent in service to philosophy and in championing the stewardship of the individual. Now that I have a new aim, I feel held back by my previous motivations, by the fantasy of becoming a great theoretical physicist. I am stuck deep in the cobweb laden forest of procrastination due to my being so attached to this fantasy. What are your thoughts on how to go about reconciling two disparate and conflicting motivational drives? Have you ever been at a point in your life where your motivations for pursuing a particular life goal, conflicted with a different set of motivations? If so how did you go about reconciling the two motivational frames? How did you let your old self die so as to move on and pursue your new purpose?”

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