Individuality and Autonomy: Maxime Bernier and the PPC | Maxime Bernier | The JBP Podcast – S4: E:46

This episode was recorded yesterday, September 16th, 2021.

In this episode, Dr. Peterson is joined by the Honorable Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), former MP of Beauce (2006-2019) and candidate for the Prime ministership of Canada.

Maxime shares his story, how and why he got into politics, the founding of the PPC and his vision for the future of Canada. There is also discussion on “common sense” policies, free markets, governmental overreach, the dismantling of classical conservative ideals, and the upcoming Canadian election (20th September 2021).

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[00:00] Dr. Peterson introduces Maxime Bernier.
[01:39] Dr. Peterson & Maxime’s Bill C-16 Discussion in 2017.
[04:55] Bill C-16 and Gender Identity Policy.
[07:06] Founding the People’s Party in Canada, the principles of the party. The first elections of the party.
[12:45] Where Maxime is in the polls right now.
[14:13] What is essential to the People’s Party of Canada.
[14:54] Ending the Supply Management System in Canada.
[15:47] The goal of the People’s Party of Canada.
[17:03] In regards to the Canadian Conservative.
[18:19] Why Maxime thinks these ideas are so important.
[19:12] COVID 19 ISSUE; Draconian Measures, The Pandemic, Dr. Peterson plays devils advocate and Governmental Overreach.
[25:14] What Maxime thinks Canada should look like in three months.
[27:38] Maxime’s Vision for the country.
[29:13] Speaking directly to audiences & the new breed of politicians.
[31:24] The importance of government spending and the result of overspending.
[34:45] Why Maxime doesn’t trust the official inflation rate figures.
[36:38] Maximes’ thoughts on cryptocurrency, deregulation of money, Austrian economists, and the business cycle.
[40:17] Maxime contrasts why himself to Trudeau or O’Toole.
[44:22] Jordan’s discussion with Rex Murphy.
[45:10] Maxime’s most essential issues facing Canadians
[47:53] The climate change issue & Alberta.
[49:32] The equalization formula.
[53:44] Where the Canadian government is wasteful, how to analyze the problem, and what Maxime would do to solve it.
[58:53] Reconciliation and property rights on reserves.
[01:04:29] Maxime’s opinion of what has happened under Trudeau.
[01:08:46] What unites Canada and what the PPC has to offer the different regions.
[01:12:42] What’s the reward for voting for Maxime?
[01:14:12] Podcast begins its ending sequence.


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