Insecurity? Man Used Anabolic Drugs, Received Positive Female Attention! Will He Quit?

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Question: “I’m 28, male and I feel as though I’ve got low sexual market value/social value in general because of my height. After taking anabolic drugs and noticing the difference in the way people act toward me and I wonder if I’ve ever been respected before I ‘took the plunge.’ I’m wondering if this is the fate that befalls men like me. I’ve realized there is no positive word for a small man. I earn 6 figures and live in a major city and yet before my ‘transformation’ I was never approached first, was regularly rejected and was often cheated on. Since I started taking the drugs three years ago, it’s like I’m a different person. I got a fair amount of attention at the bar, had a year-and-a-half long, rocky relationship with my high school crush who’d previously ‘friendzone’d’ me, had my first three-way, and eventually met my current girlfriend who actually seems to value me. I’ve often battled feelings of worthlessness. I recently began to question if it was all in my head or if people actually looked at me that way. My current girlfriend even once drunkenly admitted that if I wasn’t in the shape I’m in, our first date might have gone differently. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place here. Do I keep risking my health for a ‘life worth living’, or do I stop, shrink back into my former self and go back to simply surviving?”

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