iPhone 6 Rumors, Violence & Video Games, Atheist Death Penalty | The Rubin Report

In this nerdtastic epsiode of The Rubin Report, Dave Rubin, Kim Horcher (Nerd Alert), and Andy Riesmeyer (DweebCast) tackle new iPhone 6 rumors, the violent video game debate, atheism and much more.

Topics Include:

Part 1: Is the CIA Spying on the Senate?

Part 2: Is This the New iPhone 6 or iPhone Air?

Part 3: Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence?

Part 4: You Can Be Killed for Being an Atheist in 13 Countries

Part 5: Millennials Are Rejecting the Church, Marriage, Republicans

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Host: Dave Rubin

Kim Horcher @kimscorcher
Andy Riesmeyer @AndyRiesmeyer