“Irrelevant news” is as bad as #FakeNews ft. Larry O’Connor | #TruthStraightUp

Is honest media enough? There’s a lot of talk about #FakeNews and biased news, but what about irrelevant news?

Often on cable networks, the “news” is completely irrelevant to the average American. The topics that are important to the TV networks aren’t important to anyone else.

The commentary that TV hosts provide is not what most Americans are concerned with on a day-to-day basis.

Sure, the mainstream media should tell the truth—obviously—but it must do more than that. The media should talk about issues that are important to Americans. Our news should cover topics that matter and are relevant to the majority of the country.

This is the big danger in today’s biased media: networks are so focused on the winners and losers in Washington that they forget to pay attention to the rest of America. The mainstream media shouldn’t just worry about being fake or biased, it also needs to be relevant.

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The abortion debate is really illuminated by by the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Interestingly, Douglas argues, and this is in the context of slavery, that each community, each state, should decide for itself if it wants slavery. Douglas’ arguments are the so-called “pro-choice” ones. He goes, “We have a big country. We should agree to disagree.”

Lincoln counters by saying, “You cannot invoke the principle of choice without regard to the content of the choice.” In other words, you can’t use your freedom to take away the freedom of someone else, in that case, a slave.

The same could be said about the unborn. You can’t invoke choice to cancel out the life choices of another human being. I think by looking at history, we can help understand our own peculiar situation and learn from it.

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