Jonathan Haidt Talks The Culture Wars, Men Falling Behind, Coddling of American Mind

This week on the podcast Hafeez is joined by Jonathan Haidt to discuss the culture wars, men falling behind, the coddling of the American mind + more.. If you like this episode with Jonathan Hadit and want to see more of The Roommates be sure to subscribe to our podcast via any podcast streaming catalog to access our full catalog.

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The Roommates Podcast is a late-night conversation taking you behind the scenes of “becoming” featuring all the interesting people, perspectives, and conversations you’d experience on the way. The Roommates brand of conversation is entertainment like a standup, educational like a TED talk and enlightenment like a sermon.

The Roommates have been featured by The Atlantic, Houston Chronicle, Houstonia Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, and The National Alliance of Mental Illness. They were also featured on OWN Network’s show The Book of John Gray Season 2.

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