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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Melanie Phillips (Author, Columnist, Broadcaster) about leaving the left wing newspaper The Guardian when she discovered their liberal media bias, liberalism’s inability to defend the west and western culture, and how conservative’s failures paved the way for the current woke politics of the left. Melanie gives a behind the scenes look at the newsroom of The Guardian. She shares the moment that she discovered their liberal media bias and anti semitism and the response she got when she pointed it out. Melanie describes how that moment led her to question journalism and the mainstream media of the left and started her journey towards conservative politics. Are some cultures better than others? Melanie discusses the inherent weakness of liberalism, it’s cultural relativism. The desire to view all cultures as equal prevents liberals from being able to admit that equality and freedom for women in western culture is better than the the way women are treated under Islam. Melanie shares her advice for how people can save liberalism from woke politics by supporting conservative principles. She thinks that past conservative’s focus on economics and the free market enabled them to lose the culture war to the left. She does see a potential turning of the tide in Brexit and the election of Donald Trump from a public that has been ignored by cultural elites for too long.

Remember when the media actually did reporting? Or a world before hot takes on social media drove everyone into a frenzy before the facts came in? You don’t need to have taken a media literacy course in college to know that the coverage of most current events these days is lacking. Watch interviews with established media figures as well as rising independent media personalities to make sense of the constantly changing media landscape with this playlist:

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