Julie Lindahl on “The Portal”, Ep. #010- Shaking the poisoned fruit of shame out of the family tree.

What happens when an SS Officer’s Granddaughter comes to Los Angeles to stay with a Jewish family after discovering the true nature of secrets hidden for decades within her family’s tree?

Eric sits down with Julie Lindahl, author of “The Pendulum”. As an ethnically German girl growing up in Brazil, Julie got curious about finally make sense of the puzzles inside her family history, in order to stop a mysterious cycle of dysfunction within which she found herself trapped. In her new book “The Pendulum”, she shows us just how much it can take to find a portal out of inter-generational trauma. Eric welcomes his house-guest Julie Lindahl to tell her extraordinary story on this emotional and challenging episode of The Portal. The episode is raw and recorded at home on a hand held device; there will be no video.

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