June 2017 Patreon Q & A

This is a Question and Answer session that I set up for my Patreon subscribers (www.patreon.com/jordanbpeterson)

Thanks very much to all 3500 of my Patreon supporters. As I described in this video, I plan to put the monetary support to good use.
First, the Biblical series (you can find the first two, soon to be three, lectures on this youtube channel).
Second, a discussion series with Islamic thinkers about the relationship between Islam and the West.
Third, my longer-term plans to make classic humanities education available world-wide.
Fourth, my work with my business partners on developing online software (like that at selfauthoring.com) to teach people how to write well — and, at the same time (because it’s the same thing), how to think.
Fifth, the development and implementation of a plan to accredit people properly for the university-level education that they will soon be able to receive online.

That’s a good start. Thanks to all of you for increasing its probability, and for the support, psychological, practical and monetary.

Over and out.

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