Kanye, Atlas Shrugged and New Employment!

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“Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” was published 61 years ago today, and since then has served as an excellent way to weed out potential romantic partners”

I found a copy in some holiday accommodation and tried it. Gave up about 150 pages in and finished it flicking through it. Implausible characters created purely to personify an opinion, no plot, no story development. It’s crap.

My wife saw me reading it and didn’t leave me.

When I worked at a bookstore, one day a teenaged girl came in looking for “Atlas Shrugged,” because her boyfriend insisted she read it. The store employees chanted, “Dump him, dump him, dump him.”

If you’re not captivated by the ideas in “Atlas Shrugged” at the age of 16, you have no drive. If you’re not convinced it’s bullshit at the age of 30, you have no heart. #AynRand

I’ll talk about The Fountainhead with someone all day, but if they try to claim Atlas Shrugged is anything other than an overdose of beating-you-over-the-head, nihilistic Objectivism I walk away.

this is the only book that I’ve wanted to throw across the room when I was half way through it. I finally finished it and then I actually did throw it across the room.

Old joke: what’s the diff between Atlas Shrugged and LOTR? One is unrealistic puerile fantastic drivel of the worst sort… and the other is a story with orcs in it.

Many, many aeons ago I did a stretch working in a book store.

My already tattered faith in humanity was finally swept away when I saw the sheer volume of Anne Rice, Tom Clancy, and Ayn Rand that flowed through that place.

Rush grew up and so can you.