Media Lies About Trump And Portland Just Proved Trump Right, That They Are The “Enemy Of The People”

Media Lies About Trump And Portland Are PROVING Trump Right, That They Are The “Enemy Of The People.” Trump has long called the fake news media the “enemy of the people.”

Based on the reporting coming out of Portland I would have to say that he is right. Now clearly not every journalist or media company is bad but there are many fake news companies masquerading as journalists but instead are just trying to burn it all down.

The fake news is creating a divergent reality, one where Democrats gleefully embrace insane and toxic lies about the president and police in order to reach their goals, and another where violent far leftists are attacking a federal courthouse and instigating conflict.

There is of course one truth and most of us know it

But how can we solve our problems if the media is feeding us a constant stream of lies?


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