Michael Moore Predicts Trump 2020 Landslide, But His Betrayal PROVES They Learned NOTHING From 2016

Michael Moore Predicts Trump 2020 Landslide, But His Betrayal PROVES They Learned NOTHING From 2016. In a recent interview Michael Moore told Matt Taibbi that if the election were held today Trump would win hands down. But he went on to say something shocking

He said white men who voted for Trump are bad people and that you should be afraid of them. He said you should cross the street if you see white men walking towards you.

Moore has betrayed the working class he once spoke for. In 2016 Moore said Trump supporters were not bad people they just needed someone to fight for them and Trump did.

Today those factories are returning. Detroit is clearing land for more factories and plants and the people who voted for Trump are proven right.

Moore was wrong about what would happen and instead of being there to support the former union democrats he smears them in the worst possible way.

The democrats have learned nothing from 2016 and Moore is the best example. As the economy booms and Trump voters are proven right the only thing we hear from Democrats is impeachment and orange man bad.


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