No one has the “right” to kill a baby ft. Bay Buchanan | #TruthStraightUp

The lives of innocent children are being ended at an alarming rate by abortion. Too many people are attempting to make the case that an unborn baby is not a life, but it is. Science proves time and again that babies in the womb are unique human beings. Feminists like to suggest that women have the “right to choose,” but to choose what? Whether an innocent baby lives or dies? Those aren’t the values that America was founded upon. No one has the “right” to kill a baby.

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I believe the most important aspect of my public career is to be a voice for the unborn, to be a champion, a pro-life champion. This issue is so important to me. I know those are children, and I know their lives are being sacrificed because individuals in this country have tried to make a case that it’s not life.
But it is life. You can’t change that fact, and the sonograms prove it time and time again. It’s critical that the young people that I’m able to reach know and understand that this is life, and that it’s imperative that we fight for that life.
And to those feminists who suggest it’s not life, it is. They know it is, and they have some crazy idea that women should have a right to choose. To choose what? To choose whether their children live or die? That’s not an America.
We have a right to life in this country, and it’s imperative that our laws start to defend them more and more. My enormous appreciation for the states that have limited abortion in their states. I hope they’ll limit them even more.